Texas Holdem Poker Tournament Rules

The tournament supervisor has to be present while the tournament is taking place. At the beginning of each tournament, players have to be allocated a gaming table and a position at the table at which to play. A player may wager on and control only the position allocated to them.

At the request of the tournament supervisor, a player shall provide his/her name for recording purposes. At the beginning of a tournament, each online player casino taking part in it shall hold an equivalent number of tournament chips, which shall have been issued by the casino operator according to the conditions of entry to the tournament. As an alternative, each player may receive a numbered voucher which may be exchanged for tournament chips at the table. The players can not lend or borrow tournament chips during play.

The players can not leave the table while a tournament is in progress, except in an emergency or with the consent of the tournament director. The tournament director may allow a substitute player, nominated in person by the player, to take that player’s allotted seat during any session. There may only be one substitution between the same players during a session of play.

All players shall at all times keep their tournament chips in front of them and in clear view of the other players and the game supervisor until the session has ended and the winner and/or place-getters, as the case may be, have been set. The chips shall be kept in such a manner that the total value of the chips can be seen by the other online player’s games at the table. Any player who pockets or otherwise hides chips, or removes chips from the table, during tournament play may be disqualified.

It’s not allowed to discuss your decisions of play with any other player or spectator, and no such other player or spectator may offer you any advice unless provided for in the rules. The number of players to join to the next session shall be determined at the start of the tournament.

The winner is the player Should players be eliminated in the same round, placings shall be awarded according to the number of tournament chips the eliminated players contributed to the final tournament chips that the player has at the end of a tournament session will remain the property of the


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