Online Roulette Strategy

Roulette is the game that’s been lighting up the world’s casinos for centuries – and now the unique high-energy style and sophistication of ‘The Devil’s Game’ can be enjoyed sin-free on the internet. Check out online roulette’s instant-play rules and the devilish strategies that can be used to add excitement and potentially give you more of an edge over the casino.

Online Roulette Rules

Roulette is the classic table game that you can instantly enjoy without learning many complex rules – so you can literally get gaming like a pro in minutes, once you’ve downloaded a good casino software suite.

The chances are you know the basics of roulette – after all the game’s numbered lotto reel and the spinning ball is one of the most famous gaming icons in existence. However, what kind of numbers can you bet on – and what about the rest of the table?

Every online roulette wheel is alternately interspersed with odd and even numbers and red and black colors. In addition, the roulette table contains segments and blocks of numbers and betting options. Placing a roulette wager is really as simple as selecting a random color, number, or table block, choosing a wager level, and clicking to spin the reel and cross your fingers!

Quick-start roulette betting

  • Choose a wager on the table by clicking on your selection
  • Wait for the reel to spin and the ball to be released
  • Once the ball stops, you get paid out/lose the wager
  • Roulette Odds and Payouts

It’s essential to understand the huge array of odds and corresponding payouts that can deliver some of the most exhilarating payouts in the casino. Being the ‘Devil’s Game’, the roulette table rewards you for your dare! In reality, roulette payouts are strictly dependent on the probability of your wager selection. For example, even money wagers such as Red or Black have almost 50% chance of winning and therefore only payout at 1:1. In contrast, single-digit numbers deliver a monster 35-1 payout.

Check out the main roulette betting categories when you’re ready to grasp a little more roulette sophistication… check out the main roulette betting categories…

  • Roulette Inside Wagers – placed on digits 00-36.
  • Straight-up bets – single number selections (10 & 22).
  • Split bets– two consecutive digits (10, 11).
  • Street wagers – three consecutive numbers (12,13,14)

The other main inside wagers options include Square bets and multi-number line bets. Free-play roulette games and bonus offers are a great way to learn the rules and master all the moves.

  • Roulette Outside Bets – placed on the perimeter of the table.
  • The Column wager – choose 3 vertical columns.
  • The Dozen wager – select 12 numbers

The Even-Money wager – Bet on 18 selections (such as Evens, Odds, Red, Black, 1-18 or 19-36).

All levels of gamers can select wagers and know the probability of winning – even if it’s your lucky number or anniversary date!


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