Quick Look Into Blackjack Action

Here’s a quick introduction to how the game of blackjack is played. The action and the game itself are amazingly simple. All we really need to know in order to learn the basics of blackjack is a little bit of math. You’ll need it to add up the value of your cards and nothing more.

Everyone at the blackjack table will initially get a pair of cards, which includes your dealer. You then add up your cards’ total value. You take the face value of the cards in blackjack. Examples: If you have a five of spades then it takes a value of five, a face card like a Jack will have a value of ten, and an Ace in blackjack will take a value of either one or 11. It takes a value of one whenever you bust with an 11.

Bust is when your cards total 22 or higher. That having been said, the goal in blackjack is to top your dealer’s card (i.e. each player plays separately against the dealer) without busting your hand. So after looking at your initial two cards and thinking that the total is good enough then you stand, which means you stick to the cards currently in your hand.

If you don’t like your hand’s total (i.e. meaning the sum of the values of your cards is too low) you can hit, which means you can ask for another; online blackjack card games (and keep asking for one and get one for each request). You can keep hitting until you get a satisfactory total or you bust. If you have identical cards like a pair of nines then you can split them and get two extra cards to make two new hands, you then play each hand separately. Another option is to double down, which means you get one more card then stand and double your original wager.

In the event, you or the dealer gets a total of 21 which is an instant win. For example, if you get an Ace and a Jack, then that totals a 21-instant win! But if you and the dealer both get blackjacks then you get a tie, you don’t lose your bet. If you bet $100 and win via a blackjack then you instantly get $150 (the rate varies from casino to casino). In the game of blackjack other bets are paid at even money, which means that if you bet $50 you get another $50. That is a quick rundown of the action in the game of blackjack. Learning the blackjack basics is very simple and can be done in only a matter of minutes.


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