Is Your Boyfriend Cheating on Dating Apps (or Just Socializing)?

Is Your Boyfriend Cheating on Dating Apps (or Just Socializing)?

If you’re wondering whether you’re going to catch your boyfriend cheating on dating apps, it can be frustrating to tread the line between caution and paranoia.

However, even though this stressful time, you can find the love of your life. But there are always going to be some stumbling blocks.

But for one reason or another, many people keep dating profiles up after deciding to settle into a more long-term relationship.

Make sure you understand the answers to these important questions before you go crazy about the dating profile in question.

1. Are Dating Apps Just for Dating?

You probably think you know the answer to this one. After all, it’s in the name. What else could it be for?

Although it’s relatively rare to actually find this happening, it’s true that you can use certain dating apps for friendship as well as love.

2. Will You Probably Catch Your Boyfriend Cheating on a Dating App?

It’s vastly more common for cheaters to use social media to flirt with and eventually hook up with someone else.

Of the top four apps that college students used to meet people without their partner knowing, only one was a dating app.

These top four apps actually make up an incredible 53.4% of the total. Tinder is the only dating app at 11.8%. Snapchat leads at 20.8%, with Instagram trailing behind at 11.8% and Facebook a close fourth at 9%.

3. Did You Catch Him Cheating in the Past?

This is probably an even more important question than even the question of whether he has a dating app on his phone.

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “Cheaters never change.” It’s not completely accurate, but cheaters definitely, have a pretty lasting mark on their record.