When the Work of a Dealer

Poker dealers usually get the biggest tips, which is fair, because it is poker dealers who have the most work with both the rules and the counting of winnings. What factors affect dealers’ earnings when you enter a new casino as a dealer, you may be forced to give away games that are so-called slower or less popular, and therefore usually yield smaller tips. Demand for dealers can also be seasonal, so once a casino stops needing so many open tables games, it takes its employees off hours and therefore pay.

You can also expect dealers in big cities like to pay more than tip dealers in a small village casino. However, there are exceptions here as well. If you are dealing in a vip poker room, you will not need a casino in a big city to make good money. In these places, you earn tips, which you can’t compare at all with normal games. But for an average dealer, the amount of the tip will depend mainly on the games they will give away and the number of players who will play them. This indirectly implies that more qualified dealers will come up with more money than greenhorns.

Furthermore, the amount of the tip will reflect how the dealer behaves, whether he is nice to people, etc. If you are friendly and smiling, people will reward you more than if you are measured and unpleasant. It follows that if you do not like the company of people who often have a lot of fun, then the job of a dealer is definitely not for you. As the dealer works, you will soon understand that the biggest whales don’t have to give the biggest tips. For example, high-roller poker tables are often full of so-called back players, ie players who do not play for their own money.

You will only receive small tips from them – if, of course, they will give you some tips at all. On the other hand, at the low limits where you can find recreational players, people sometimes start to have great fun, drink a lot and play just because they enjoy it, so it’s not a problem for them to have a hundred or maybe a thousand. Although you will find a lot of positive aspects to the dealer’s work – we will talk about them later – you will also find a lot of negatives on it. The first is the fact that you will have to stand constantly during the deal.

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