Wheel Of Fortune

Wheel Of Fortune

The roulette rules are very simple: in fact, players must choose the winning numbers or the color (red or black) or other combinations. The Croupier, which is the one that takes care of the gaming operation, has to turn the wheel would hit the ball in the opposite direction that, making several rebounds, falls into one of the spaces that are present in the wheel, once it stops.

Game variations

Users, who want to play roulette on online casino platforms, have several game variations, such as French Roulette where there is only one zero, or one American which has a double zero, but there is also an English version. If you play online casino AAMS, you can access the game mode “For fun”, thanks to which you can have fun betting virtual money, that option is especially recommended to those who are beginners. However, if you are experienced you can try to achieve some good winnings by going to the version of the game “Real Money” in which the player must bet real money.

Accurate graphics

Also, those who prefer a fast-paced and immediate, using a web browser, can play with the game version of “Flash” which does not involve downloading a game program to be installed on your PC. If you claim more accurate graphics and well-defined, then you must download the software in use on the platform chosen by the user, and in seconds, will be installed on your computer. To make the context of the game even more exciting and closer to reality, recently have been introduced also live online casinos.

Mobile devices

They are characterized by the fact of using a webcam through which the user can interact directly with a dealer in the flesh, who oversees all operations of the game among the players at the table. In addition, there is a chat service provided by the casino where you can either contact the dealer or the other players. In addition, thanks to the expansion of the market of mobile devices, have recently set up casinos’ mobile versions so users who have Tablets, iPads, and Smartphones may have the opportunity to play where and when they want freedom.