What is Keno Strategy

The best keno strategy when playing online keno is to manage your bankroll. Playing Keno gives the house a big advantage. Many professional gamblers do not play online keno for this reason. There are not many specific Keno strategies to follow but there are a few tips that you can follow in order to increase your odds of winning.

Pick a Keno game

that will suit your bankroll. If tickets that are 50 bucks are more in your range than 1 buck tickets the winnings that you make on the tickets with the lesser amount will be less in the long run, as the more paid for a ticket will mean a bigger payout. If you are playing on tickets that have fewer amounts the number of the matching spots has to increase, which will increase the odds of winning. A good online keno game is one that can have up to 15 spots having a minimum wager of 1bucks, as well as .50 bucks, return if there are 2 matches. If you pick the correct number of spots using this payout scale you can stay in the online keno game longer, which will give you more opportunities to win.

To better know-how to play keno we want to present you with another keno strategy is to pick the number of spots that is the most advantageous. The basic rule is to pick the number of spots that range from around 50% – to 75% of the spot limit on that ticket. Basically, if a ticket allows no more than 10 spots it would mean that 50% of the spot limit is 5 and 80% is 8. You should pick a ticket that has no less than 5 spots and no more than 8 spots. An online keno ticket that has spots under 50% will give you around the same chance of staying in the game, but you have to know that the payout for these types of tickets is pretty small and does not give you favorable odds.

Another example of how to play keno, the last keno strategy that you can try to use is to pick the most spots that won’t change the effect of having a return that is even. With the 50% – 75% spot range in the keno strategy above you should make tickets that have multiple spots. You have to make sure to pay attention to the affected payout scale with an even return at stake. In an online Keno game you play, you can click on the spots button and the payout scale will be updated in real-time. For example, an online keno ticket allowing for 15 spots will have a positive range of spots, in the 50% – 75% range, which will be 7 to 11 spots. 7 spots are 47% and 11 spots are 73%. Wagering 1 buck on the payout scale will get you even, 1 buck, money back if you hit 3 numbers on a ticket with spots in the 7 to 11 range. Considering that the payout scale will increase in this range you have nothing to lose if you bet on the maximum number of spots, which is 11. If you pick the spots close to the 80% range you have the possibility of a larger payout and you still will increase your odds of getting your original 1buck wager back. If you hit on 3 of 11 spots it is obviously better odds than hitting on 3 of 7. The odds of hitting 11 of 11 are less than hitting 7 of 7 you will have a bigger payout and your bankroll can last longer allowing you to play, and possibly win, more


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