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Online payment is issued by a popular payment processor and allows customers to send and receive money in a matter of minutes. As a result, it is widely used as a payment method at various online casinos. online payment is considered a safe and reliable payment option, mostly because there is absolutely no need to disclose any personal details and banking information when using it.

online payment can be used by all players who have Visa or MasterCard credit or debit cards. Those who wish to use the card are faced with two options. The first one is purchasing a plastic online payment which can be used anywhere where MasterCard is accepted. The sAccountnd option is the virtual version of the card – it functions as an electronic wallet and can be used to pay for online purchases or deposit money in web-based casinos. However, the virtual card expires after you’ve made one purchase.

Registration and Activation

Registering with an Account account is relatively quick and simple. For this purpose, players are required to fill in the form with some personal and financial information and provide a valid email address. Once the form is filled out, an activation link will be sent to the specified email address to activate the newly-created Account account. During registration, players can link their Account account to their credit card and use the latter as a means of funding their payment account.

Players, registered with payment, can use their account as a standard electronic wallet by linking it to their credit or debit card. Of course, the account should be funded first – this can be done via credit/debit cards, bank transfers, cheques, or even other electronic wallets. Once finished with that, they will be able to make a deposit to their casino account.

Many gambling enthusiasts apply for plastic online payment and certainly, this is a very good decision. What’s great about using online payment is that you can control your spending as the card functions as a standard debit card. Thus, players can spend only the amount they’ve loaded into their online payment http://www.gamemammy.com. The card can be topped up from the payment account.

You can receive the plastic version of the card by logging into your payment account and applying for one. Within the next 21 days, it will be delivered. Then, activation of the card will be necessary. To activate it, users once again need to sign into their Account account and enter their birth date and the card’s number. Your online payment is ready to use in all web casinos where MasterCard is listed as an accepted payment method.

The online payment can be used for depositing funds into your casino account, as well as for withdrawing them. To make a deposit with the card, players must log in to their casino account and select it from the menu with available payment methods. Naturally, the card should be loaded with a sufficient amount of money. The sum will be transferred to the player’s casino account instantly.
The withdrawal procedure is almost the same. But first, make sure the casino, you’re playing at, accepts withdrawals, because not all of them do. There is a certain possibility of having to provide your ID number when you’re withdrawing your winnings via online payment for the first time. This is done for verification purposes and the step is not required at all online casinos.


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