Video Black Jack Machine

Look no further for info on video blackjack machines as well as other info on blackjack strategy, downloads, rules, free casino chips, and more. Play in places like the Black Jack Ballroom, on multi-player online games. Also, learn more about the best casinos with the best odds to help you get a winning edge over the other players and the dealer. Everyone knows that some casinos pay out more than others and we will help you out with that as well as give you tips and trick about how to win at video blackjack.

Online Betting

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Basic Strategy to Winning At Video Black Jack

The first step to winning at blackjack is learning basic strategy. Knowing what to do in any situation will increase your chances of making money dramatically. You can increase your odds by 5-10% by learning basic strategy. That doesn’t sound like much you say? Well if you are betting $10 a hand and play for an hour you may receive as many as 100 hands.

If you play perfect basic strategy you will on average lose $10 over that hour If you play hunches you will lose an average of $50 over that same hour. The basic strategy however will change depending on the casino rules. Just as store prices will vary on the same item, casino rules will be different. Some will offer while others only offer shoes.

In many locations throughout the United States, you are limited by the number of casinos to choose from. But if you go to Las Vegas or Reno you might as well shop around for the best rules. Why play crappy rules when you can walk next door and have an advantage. Some places even give you a slight edge off the top. Using a baseline of, only, one card, which gives you an edge of -.02% , add the following rules to come up with your local house edge.


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