Using Bonus Codes

Bonus codes are a measure used by casinos to attract new players and keep existing players satisfied. Free bonus codes are a great option as opposed to the common signup and first deposit bonuses that are usually only given to new players.

What Bonus Codes Can Do

The codes provided by casinos can be used in several scenarios depending on the casino’s policy and the nature of the code itself. Some codes may provide a certain number of free spins or rolls, some may offer players a larger deposit bonus, and still others may offer a set amount of real cash with no strings attached. The exact method that certain bonus codes can be used is usually laid out in the casino’s terms and conditions section. Finding these codes is relatively simple; an easy internet search can reveal bonus codes associated with hundreds of casinos.

Using Bonus Codes

In order to use a bonus code to play keno and other exciting games, the player must first determine what type of bonus they have been offered and what the fulfillment requirements are. If the player is entitled to free cash, they will often need to input their code into a certain field on their banking page. For free spins or rolls, the player may need to input the code in a different location altogether. Most casinos will provide an index of each bonus code type that informs players about how to use them. Casino bonus codes are the absolute best way for online casinos to reward their loyal players. In fact, many players claim that they would seek out a new online venue if their current casino stopped offering bonus codes.

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