Training and Benefits in Casino

Yes, poker dealers sit at work, but all other games are dealt standing. In some casinos, you only stand for an hour and then have a 20-minute break, but in others the dealing time may be extended to two or three hours. Players are not always kind. You’ve probably seen one of the players swear at a dealer for bad luck and their loss, which can get worse if they actually made a mistake. But it’s not just the players who are upset – you will often work with people who are completely or partially dependent on other people’s tips.

For this reason, the dealer’s work is not only mentally exhausting, but also physically demanding another problem is people. You should also keep in mind that you are constantly monitored during the game. This will lead to the slightest mistake, which your superior can then read to you. So forget right away that you could keep something quiet or even fraudulently get money that doesn’t belong to you. The casino environment is not for everyone. This is especially true for businesses where smoking is still possible.

This is slowly changing, but really only slowly. But what will never change is the fact that dealers usually work in the evenings and at night. The reverse daily cycle may not cause them problems immediately, but it will manifest itself later and in full force. As written above, the work of a dealer also has its positive aspects. You usually won’t need long training to get this job done. You can manage the dealer course in a maximum of two months, but also less, and it will cost you only about 20,000 crowns. Some casinos even offer free internal training in exchange for committing to give them away a year in advance.

Working hours of casinos can be a huge advantage for some people. Whether they like to work day or night – some casinos are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and offer the opportunity to work even just three hours, for example at peak times. Thanks to that, handing out games becomes a great job or a second job for breadwinners. When they don’t get tips, they can be disappointed, they can complain, which is also a bow after hours of listening. Currently, these include most casinos perhaps except for poker rooms.

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