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The player will score a bingo as soon as he can make the word BINGO with the winning numbers on his ticket. Should a bingo game several players have achieved a bingo; the gain is usually divided equally among all winners. In some games, the profit is also determined by the number of marked numbers, the fewer numbers of the winner on his lottery ticket, the higher its share of the profits.

A bonus ball, which doubled the profits of the players. Is not present in all bingo games. Does something like that as the exclamation “check” in chess. The announcement states that the player needs only one winning number to earn a bingo. When a jackpot is called progressive, which grows as long as the operations of the player until it is worn by a certain winning combination. Progressive jackpots are popular with players because they can contain very large profits.

Abbreviation for Random Number Generator. Used in online bingo and more recently live casinos in order to determine the winning numbers at bingo. Also called random. A quick patch version of the bingo game. When Speed Bingo it is possible to achieve with only three winning numbers bingo. Especially in casinos as a quick “pause game” popular in traditional bingo halls and online casinos, this game variant is rarer.

So now you know all the words you need for a successful game. It is essential that you know the language of the game before you put your money at risk. Only you can prevent yourself from losing your bets because you do not understand what is going on during the game.


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