This is how roulette works

There are not many casino games that are as popular as roulette, and when you test the game you immediately realize why this game has captivated and attracted players for almost 200 years. The game is easy to understand, it can give a really high dividend, and even the beginner can win thousands of kronor already at the first game. Almost everyone likes roulette and many start their gaming career by trying this particular game. The question then is, how does a game of roulette really go. When you play roulette at an online casino , you can choose to bet in different ways, depending on how much you are willing to risk, and how much you want to win a big win. In roulette, there is a wheel with different compartments that are colored in red and black. The different slots are numbered from 1-36, and in the game there is also a green zero, or in American roulette also a green double zero. Of course, you have the greatest chance of winning if you bet on color. The casino has an advantage of 1.3514% in European roulette when you bet on color, which gives you very good chances of winning. However, it is not on such bets that you win the big win, something you must be aware of when you place your bet.

You can win the most money on an inside bet, but the risk is also higher when you choose this type of bet. There are also different bets here, where the most risky is straight, which means that you bet on a specific number. The odds for this bet are 35: 1. If you instead choose a split bet, you compete with the odds 17: 1. A split means that your bet is on the line between two numbers, which gives a slightly lower dividend, but also a greater chance of success. Square means that you bet on four numbers that are in four different corners. Together they form a square, which has given the type of investment its name. Here the odds are 8: 1. You get a payout of 11: 1 if you choose to bet on a street and succeed. This type of bet means that you place your bet on a numbered line. There are three to choose from.

If you want to take less risks, and do not care as much about winning the dream win, you can choose an outside bet. Here you can choose to bet on a number group, and there are three different ones to choose from. You can either bet on 1-12, 13-24 or 25-36. Here the odds are 2: 1, and if you choose this type of bet, you can collect a number of small winnings and thus still come up with a good winning amount in the end. Some casino players believe that it is possible to use a roulette strategy to win more, but the fact is that it is chance that decides who will win and who will lose. Many people think that this is very good because it means that beginners and skilled players have equal chances of winning both big and small wins.

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