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Fluctuation and volatility are two terms that give us very useful information about a slot machine, and in combination with rtp and the casino advantage that a slot has, we can judge whether it is a high or low risk game. Knowing the variability, variability and all the parameters mentioned above, we can adjust our expectations to a slot machine and know based on mathematical and statistical analysis what will be our expected win in the game. Logically, not all slots have the same percentage of variation, just as not all slots have the same house edge.

There are slot machines casino with high, medium and low variation what does this mean. Highly variable slots these are slots that deal huge amounts but less often. These slots may not win often, but if you are lucky and win a winning combination then you can become a millionaire. Slots with medium variation the slots that most often give wins with smaller winnings have a medium variation. Medium range slot machines casino are something between those with high and low range. Slots with low variability as you can see, low-slots casino have a lower risk and a higher rate of return to the player, precisely because they give more wins.

However, the amounts they share in each win are smaller. These are games that do not have huge jackpots, but are more certain in the sense that they involve less risk. How to define variability and variability in a slot machine casino game. If you want to find out what the variation and variability in a slot machine casino game is then you need to consider several factors. First, you need to see the paytable and symbols on the slot machine. Also, in the calculation of the variation, the amount of winnings distributed by each combination is calculated, the maximum limit of bets on the slot machine casino , as well as the rate of return to the player.

If you like to take risks and chase a big jackpot when you play slots casino game, then high variance slots are for you. Get ready for high levels of fun, as the high variance slots have fantastic graphics and unique design. Also, high rolling slots usually have more and bigger bonuses. Just be careful, if you choose a high variance slot casino game, you need to make a detailed plan with your bets and manage your capital properly so as not to escape. Take a look at the most popular high-stakes slot machines casino you will find at an online casino as you can see, calculating the variation of a slot is extremely difficult. However, you can find the variation of each game with a quick internet search.

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