Texas Hold’em Most Popular Variant of Poker

Poker has many variations and Texas Hold’em is one of them. In fact the most widely played variation of Poker is Texas Hold’em Poker. The basic rules stay the same as that of traditional Poker with just a few and minor variations. Texas Hold’em Poker can be played with number of players, more than ten sometimes. The game begins with the distribution of two face-down hole cards to each player. The placing of the bets begins here. It is a general rule of Poker that all the players have to bet equal to that player who begins the round of betting each time.

The players can of course raise the bet in between if they want to and again the rest of the players have to make their bets equal to the raised bet. After the first round of bets, the three community cards are shown face-up. These are the cards that are common to all. The players then try to look for any rank that may be created using these three community cards and their own two hole cards.

Bets are placed again. Later one by one, two more community cards are shown followed by a round of bet. The players can call, raise or fold away as they like. Call means to place an equal bet as that of the previous player. Raise means to raise the bet money. Fold means to quit the present round of the game. Texas Hold’em Poker calls for a showdown after the last of the five community cards are dealt with. The two hole cards of all the players are shown and the player with the highest Poker rank wins the lot.

Texas Hold’em Poker is a very interesting game and the players can go on to play without tiring out since the game is so fascinating. Visit a reputed online casino to have fun while playing Texas Hold’em Poker. But, don’t forget to learn some poker playing strategy and tactics that will help you to make good profit in the game. Make sure to quit the game when you found yourself in a losing state cause expectation may cause you big cost. So, be wise and play sensible to win huge in online casino games.


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