Slot machines

Slot machines are something that has existed since 1891 but several claim to have been similar machines long before this. Ever since the viking age. It started with some pretty crown games that probably many people remember and then they were replaced with some pretty classic slot machines at the store, inn or gas station. Then came a ban on slot machines operated by private players and it was online slot machines made their big entrance. Since then, the development within online slot machines has come a long way and now it is played for several billion every single year.

Slot machines have a slightly undeserved reputation and many people probably thought that slot machines are harry. This is probably just about the history of slot machines. Many people probably remember those who stood with their caps and played on slot machines. Now it is still the case that there are people of all ages, professions and not least types of people who play on slot machines. There are so many casinos on the market right now and it can be difficult to figure out where it is best to play slot machines. That’s why we have worked really hard to create a formula that determines which casinos are the best and, ultimately, which casinos we promote.

You can see a selection of the casinos that we think are the best to play at and where you will find the best selection of casinos. We have assessed these casinos against several parameters that we believe are important after over 10 years in the industry. This is not a standard that is low and we have set a high standard for what we think is worth promoting. A casino is much more than a portal with slot machines, it is a user experience and it should be safe. Therefore, we have assessed the casinos according to the following model since you are looking for slot machines, it is important to think about the selection of slot machines.

All casinos that we promote have a large and wide selection of slot machines. They should have all the hits and in addition launch news as fast as they can. User experience is extremely important when it comes to playing on slot machines. It should be easy to find the slot machine you want to play on. It should be easy to deposit money and navigate. The graphics should be very good. To be able to play safely at a casino, you have to play with someone who actually has their things in order. That’s exactly why there is something called licenses. There are several countries that offer licenses but the safest and most well known is mga which stands for malta gaming authority. That license ensures that you can be safe when playing on slot machines.

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