All you need to know about online slot machine paylines

All you need to know about online slot machine paylines

It all began, years and years ago, with the slot machines in which three winning symbols had to be lined up – in the horizontal game line -. Often it was three cherries, or three “bar” symbols, or the three fiery 7s: they had to be aligned in the only line possible.

Today, with the advent of the most varied online slot machines, the paylines on which to align the symbols have become very numerous.

How many paylines does an online slot have?

The number of payment lines (the so-called ” paylines “) is today a particularly relevant factor when choosing an online slot machine.

In fact, those devices that give the opportunity to win in various methods may be more successful than those that consider few.

Based on our experience, we can say that today, in the world of online slots, there are three macro-categories of paylines: slots with a number of paylines ranging from 1 to 15, those from 16 to 26, and for finish those of 27 or more. Paylines that, in most cases, are activated only by the player’s choice (playing a single credit, in all probability, you will compete for a single payline; more credits per spin, more paylines).

What are the 1 to 15 payline slots?

Online slot machines with a small number of winning lines are perhaps the most popular slots, since – as we have said – it was true that years ago there was only one winning line, the central one; today, however, most of the slots consider from 10 to 15 pay lines (think for example of the famous Book of Ra or Fruit Shop ). This feature is fundamentally the daughter of the arrangement of the symbols: five reels of three symbols each, evidently, lend themselves mostly to a low number of winning lines.

What are 16 to 26 pay line slots?

This type of slot machine represents an evolution compared to those with a reduced number of paylines. Think of Rising of Olympus or Blood Suckers: in many cases, a feature added by programmers is to consider the winnings not only from left to right but also from right to left. Or, the classic view may no longer necessarily consist of only 15 symbols displayed, since in some cases there may be many more.

What are 27 or more pay line slots?

The most modern online slots have a large number of possible payouts: this is the result of screens with a large set of symbols displayed. Think of an extreme example: take Playtech’s, Buffalo Blitz. This slot includes 6 reels of 4 symbols each, for 24 images simultaneously exposed.

The ” all ways ” mode, with which the slot is programmed, ensures that all existing lines are considered winning, in every possible sense: in fact, 4096 possible paylines. Horizontal, vertical, diagonal: anyway is good for matching paying symbols.

Is it better to play a slot with few or many paylines?

In reality, this question has no obvious answer. It is true that from an intuitive and probabilistic point of view we would be oriented to prefer a slot that has, for example, 200 paylines over the one that includes 10: however, it is also true that the 200 one, most likely, rewards more often. but overall less than that of 10.

To get an idea from time to time, it is good to practice or at least read the reviews online before trying your hand at it: in this way, we will know parameters such as the return on payment ( RTP ) or the presence of particular bonuses and special symbols that they can help us make the best choice.


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