Understanding RTP and Game Variance

Understanding RTP and Game Variance

The RTP of a game is the rate of payment returned to the players compared to all the bets made in this game. If a game comes with an RTP of 97% for example, this would mean that on 100% of the bets of the players on this title, 97% of their money is returned to them. However, you will not necessarily feel this stat during a gaming session, as the rate is calculated globally, with a massive data set.

The variance, also called volatility, indicates the frequency of gains and their consistency. We are mainly talking about variance in slot machines. If the variance is low, you win little, but with a regular frequency. If, on the contrary, it is strong, you will certainly lose a lot of bets before winning; but this one will be more consistent. A medium variance is halfway between the two.

Paying Online Casino Bonuses

If there’s one thing you’ll find at most paying online casinos, it’s bonuses. Over the years, promotions have become real workhorses of gaming sites. The bonuses that you will find most often are the following:

The welcome bonus: this is the offer that welcomes you as soon as you register at a paying online casino. Very often it is a deposit bonus accompanied by free spins

Deposit bonuses: they could also be called match bonuses http://www.piccadillycasino.com or reload bonuses. These are amounts of money offered by the casino to match your deposit (20%, 50%, 100%, 200%, etc.). this type of bonus can occur at any time, either on a particular day or during a ”happy hour” promotion. This is the most common bonus at paid online casinos.

Cashback: these are cashback on your losses, in order to relieve you

Free Spins to Spend on Slot Machines

Whatever bonus you get, however, be sure to read the conditions in order to use it in the best possible way.

The Benefits of Playing at a Paid Online Casino

For sure, there are advantages to opting for an online casino that pays well. If you’ve followed us this far, you already know what to count on. In summary, here are some privileges that players enjoy at this kind of online casino.

Better player experience

Overall, you will enjoy browsing friendly sites, which offer excellent games, and payout the winnings very quickly.

State-of-the-art customer support:

Paid online casinos strive to set up an efficient support team that is available 24 hours a day. Better, they multiply the communication channels. 

Quality games from the best publishers

Since you will have to put the money on the line, online casinos strive to offer you the best entertainment possible. At least that’s the promise of the best gaming sites that want to stand out from the competition. As a result, you will have the presence of the best software, the most popular game variants, the latest releases of machines or table games, or even the best live sensations with live dealer games. There are no limits on the best online casinos.

Fast, real money payments

This is the ultimate advantage of paying online casinos. By playing with real money, it is clear that your winnings will be too. You can wager chips on progressive slots or challenge the dealer in blackjack or baccarat. In any case, if luck smiles on you, you pocket your winnings. With adequate means of payment, you will quickly have your money in your account or bank card.

The best bonuses and promotions

As an integral part of the marketing strategies of paying casinos,  players can always count on attractive promotions and bonuses, at all times. Some make it an important criterion and others do not. Whatever your genre, if you want, you can always enjoy a good bonus at our recommended paying online casinos


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