Roulette Guide – Your Basic Guide to Roulette

Playing roulette games

Roulette is a very simple casino game to learn, as there really isn’t much to it. You need to learn the types of bets that you can place on the roulette wheel plus the payouts associated with each bet. When you first step up to the roulette wheel in a casino it can definitely be a bit intimidating, but it is actually one of the simplest games to play. There is no strategy that you need to learn while playing roulette either. You only need to know the types of bets and the risks associated with each bet you make.

Roulette Inside Bets

Straight Bet – The most common inside bet when playing roulette is the straight-up bet. You pick a single number to bet on and if the number hits you win a payout of 35:1. You can bet on multiple numbers each spin, but there are 37 numbers on American roulette wheels (1-36 + 0/00), so you can’t bet every number and make a profit.

Split Bet – A split bet in roulette is when you bet on 2 numbers next to each other. You simply put your chip in the middle of the 2 numbers, so that your chip overlaps both numbers. A split bet on the roulette table will payout 17:1, but keep in mind that your chances of winning are small.

Street Bet – This type of bet allows you to bet on a 1 row of 3 numbers and the payout is 11:1. You have to place your bet on the side of the roulette table on the row that you want to bet.

Corner Bet – One of my favorite bets on the roulette table is the corner bet. You can bet on 4 numbers on the roulette wheel by placing your chip in the middle of the four numbers. The payout is 8:1 and this bet can help you cover portions of the roulette table that you don’t have covered with straight-up or split bets.

Square Bet – If you want to cover the top of the roulette table you can bet on the square bet, which covers the numbers 0, 00, 1, 2 and 3. The payout on this bet is 8:1 and covers 5 numbers, which is better than the corner bet.

Roulette Outside Bets

Red/Black – The most popular bet on the roulette table is red or black. You bet on whether the next number to be spun on the roulette wheel will be red or black. If a 0 or 00 is spun both red and black bettors will lose their stake. Bettors that predict red or black correctly will win a payout of 1:1.

Odd/Even – Another popular outside bet is odd or even. You need to bet on whether the next number will be an odd or even number. Everyone loses if a 0 or 00 is spun, as green numbers don’t count towards outside bets in roulette. If you win this bet you’ll be paid out at even money 1:1.

High/Low – One of my favorite roulette bets is betting on high or low. You can bet on a 1-18 being spun or you can bet on a 19-36 being spun on the roulette wheel. The payout is 1:1 for this bet and you have an almost 50% chance of winning the bet.

Columns Bet – There are 3 columns on the roulette table and at the bottom of each column there is a space where you can bet on that column being spun next. The payout is 2:1 on your bet and your chances of winning are roughly 30%, which isn’t too bad.

Dozens Bet – The final type of roulette bet is the dozens bet. You can bet on 1st 12 (1-12), 2nd 12 (13-24) or 3rd 12 (25-36) and the payout is 2:1. You can bet on two of the dozens of bets and still make a profit of 1 unit.


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