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The birth of this challenging and exciting game has been dated to the 19th century, specifically the first or second decade. Poker first appeared in a formerly French territory, the center of which was New Orleans. The city’s ownership, thanks to 1803’s Louisiana Purchase was transferred to the United States, a country which was then still in its infancy. In that era, poker players were most commonly found in either stationary gambling or ‘floating’ saloons’ housed by Mississippi steamers which travelled the river beginning in 1811. It’s evident that poker has been a long-standing and popular game. But today, it seems the game’s popularity has increased exponentially. With the advent of the internet, online saloons now allow players from anywhere in the world to play for and win real money without ever having to change their physical location.


The ultimate in chance and skill, poker has now become more of a phenomenon, its popularity having increased tenfold in just the last two years. Television channels such as The Poker Channel and ESPN regularly broadcast events such as the World Poker Tour and World Series of Poker. Many ‘traditional’ poker players who played the game years before the internet’s existence can probably recall its common drawbacks. For instance, a moderate amount of planning was usually necessary in order to find and commit players. This usually meant that a poker game couldn’t take place until the middle or end of a week. Even if players could be easily persuaded, late games could result in players leaving the game, which often left very few remaining at the table. But quite possibly the most frustrating aspect of the traditional poker game was the mandatory waiting, especially if you were the player who went all in and then was beat out early. A layer in this situation might have to wait for hours watching the other players before a new casino game could begin.


The drawbacks mentioned above could very well be the reasons for poker’s recent and rapid increase in popularity. In online poker, each player has full control over when they start or stop a game. And if a player is beat out, a new game can be started instantly without the frustration of endless waiting. It’s these conveniences that may have contributed to poker becoming a worldwide phenomenon.


But online poker, like its real-life counterpart, does have its caveats. Today, there are thousands of online casinos to choose from, but not all are what they seem. False payout claims, technical difficulties, player disputes – all are risks that new online poker players should make themselves aware of before beginning play at an online casino. Many of poker’s secrets and strategies have been revealed to the general public. But for many players, the only strategy which rings true is known as PPC – patience, preparation and consistency. If in doubt, speak with a pro. They’ll tell you that their most dreaded incident – a run of bad cards – can take days or weeks to disappear. But those seasoned players know that riding it out until the tide turns is the only way to move forward in the game.


Another strategy is to look at online poker with the same eye you might use for business. By looking at the big picture, you can build your winnings slowly but steadily and can turn a profit at each month’s end. Here again, patience is the key. Preparation is what truly separates up-and-comers from seasoned pros. If taken seriously, good preparation can help a poker player in various ways. Preparation can include detailed research of each online casino or gaming site, including the penning of detailed notes on the players at each table. It’s most important to remember not to let any situation take you by surprise. Doing so has many risks, including breaking your concentration and forcing you out of your comfort zone.


Last but not least, consistency in following your own poker strategy can be your most powerful weapon. This requires a player to have confidence in their patience and preparation, knowing that they have the advantage over other players at the table. Consistency also means that you never play beyond your financial means our at a location which is out of your element. Follow these steps as best you can, and you just might find that other players become quite curious about your “secret”, which you can choose to share or take with you all the way to the final table.


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