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Now we thought we would release the card game casino and instead focus on different card games that are available at online casinos. There are a bunch of different card games at an internet casino where some are more popular than others. You can choose to play card games via a random generator online or via a live casino against a real croupier. We usually prefer the latter as it provides a more authentic playing time while you also get a better social experience where you can communicate with other players and directly with the croupier.

Get started by choosing one of these games at internet casinos. The first time you play in a new casino, you can also get a casino bonus with extra money to play for or a number of free spins in the form of free spins on selected slots.

Blackjack-Get 21 and beat the dealer

Blackjack is one of the most timeless games available in online casino games. The game has a history that stretches back to the French 17th century. In Blackjack, the goal is to get 21 or get as close as possible. At the same time, it is important to have a better card than the dealer. If you succeed in this, you get 1x your bet. If, on the other hand, you are lucky enough to get 21 on your first two cards, you win 1.5x the bet. If you instead get a higher number than 21, you will be fat and if the dealer ends up closer to 21 than you, it is not good either. In both situations, you lose your bet.

Blackjack is available today at all online casinos. Play against a random generator by choosing Blackjack online. You get the same odds but play virtually and can choose between regular Blackjack or Multihand Blackjack where you can place multiple hands at the same time. If you choose Blackjack to live in, the conditions will be even better. With Single Hand Blackjack, multiple players can have the same hand but still act differently. In regular Blackjack live, it works as usual. Either way, it gives a high-class gaming experience when you play against a real croupier.

Texas Hold’em-the number one poker game

Texas Hold’em is by far the most popular poker game on the market. The game is available at basically all online casinos, which means that your conditions could not be much better. Enjoy Texas Hold’em from your computer, mobile or tablet whenever you want. The game involves each player receiving two cards from the dealer. Then three cards are placed on the table, also called the flop. You should try to create as good a poker hand as possible with the two cards you have on hand along with the cards on the table. Two more cards will be laid out on the table during the game. A total of five cards are on the table and two on the hand, which means that out of a total of seven cards, you must form a poker hand with five cards. The best hand wins the chips that are on the table!


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