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Online gambling is one of the most popular forms of entertainment that the internet has brought, and is fast becoming the entertainment of choice for millions of people around the globe. There are millions of online casinos operating today, and currently 1500 different types, with each one offering much better odds than the standard casinos and plenty more bonuses. Market competition is fierce so freebies and offers to draw in new players are plentiful.


Online gambling is completely safe, convenient and simple. It requires only a PC or laptop and no technical knowledge at all. Any software to be downloaded will usually come with detailed, step-by-step instructions and be available completely free of charge. Most players are looking for online casinos that guarantee safety and security for their money, so this is assured, but online casinos are relying on word of mouth for advertising, so there is never a shortage of bonuses, freebies and games with excellent odds. Online casinos are audited by accounting firms that are particularly interested in fairness in gambling. This ensures the safety of online casinos and, in fact, makes them much safer than the ‘real’ casinos.


One drawback with online gambling, however, is that your winnings are not immediately in your hand. This is a drawback that is unavoidable, of course, but the safety of your winnings in guaranteed by one of many secure payment options. Some online casinos pay by cheque, others by wire transfer or some other method, but all online casinos guarantee the security of your money, and many promise to deliver within a very short space of time.


Before betting any of your money, learn the ways of the casino. Many people take gambling very seriously and will ensure that they know the casino, the game and the odds inside out. Do your best to learn the same and ensure that you don’t fall foul of some simple mistake. Don’t be overwhelmed by the huge selection of games, odds and wagers – start simple, learn everything you can and work your way up. All online casinos will offer free, no-wager games and these are an excellent place to start playing.


A good way to start your education is to study the terms and conditions of your chosen online casino. Most online casinos have quite similar terms, but it’s good to be certain. Each of the games at the online casino will be markedly different from the rest. Don’t be fooled by apparent similarities! Make sure you study the rules of each game before you lay down any of your money. There are enough chances to lose without doing so out of ignorance! Familiarize yourself with all the terms, rules and pay outs for each game that you play. And remember the golden rule: always play for fun. Playing only to win can make you tense and break your concentration, you can begin to panic and make ‘stress decisions’ when you lose or get a bad hand. Stay calm, have fun, and consider your money spent on the buzz. Any winnings are a bonus.

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