How to play in an online casino with your mobile?

How to play in an online casino with your mobile?

The spectacular technological development of the last decades has led to the production and marketing of countless models of smartphones and tablets. So much so that some players don’t know which one to choose to enjoy an optimal gaming experience on mobile… Don’t worry, we tell you everything in this section!

Android, tablet, BlackBerry, iPad, or iPhone?

Strictly speaking, each model of smartphone or tablet (under iOS or Android) has interesting individual features and functionalities. In addition to giving you free access to an impressive array of games at any time (ranging from blackjack to baccarat, including roulette, slot machines, and craps), modern mobile devices (including tablets that have larger screens) sport optimal graphics resolutions. 

Favorites? The iOS system of the Apple group and the Android system of the giant Google are both mediums of choice for casino games. The improvement in the quality of the graphics (combined with the optimization of playability on a mobile interface) is directly attributable to the progressive evolution of communication protocols and programming languages ​​(Adobe Flash, Java, HTML5, etc.).

How do I download a mobile casino app?

Unlike the mobile site requiring no additional manipulation, if you decide to play via a mobile casino application, you will need to download an application. Here’s how – depending on your operating system:

How to install an iOS mobile casino app? Connect to the Apple Store from your iPhone or iPad, select the desired casino application and download it. Once the icon is present on your home screen, all you have to do is open it and enter your username and associated password… and that’s it!

In terms of simplicity, you can’t do better with an iOS mobile casino thanks to the many directly downloadable applications available

When it comes to an Android smartphone or tablet, things get slightly more complicated. Indeed, casino applications are no longer accessible in the Google Play Store, since the change in their general use policy… But don’t worry, there is still a possibility to download an Android casino application in Canada:

How to install an Android mobile casino app? From the internet browser of your Android smartphone (or tablet), go to the online casino website. Click on the mobile app logo – usually located on the homepage – and it will start downloading files. When the latter is completed, the online casino application thumbnail will appear on the home screen of your Android device.

⚡Note that some Canadian online casinos allow you to scan a QR-Code via their site: this will take you directly to the application to download, without the need to search for it in the “store”.


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