No Deposit Welcome Bonus: Is It a Free Bonus?

No Deposit Welcome Bonus: Is It a Free Bonus?

The no deposit welcome bonus is instead the credit of a certain sum of money that can be used by the user only within the platform. In some cases, the use of the bonus received is limited to certain games or for a few days.

To receive the credit, simply register on the online gaming site and have a verified account.

No Deposit Real Bonus or Fun Bonus: What’s the Difference?

It is appropriate to distinguish and clarify between the concept of a Real bonus and a Fun bonus.

Let’s see them one at a time and find out the differences:

Fun Bonus: it is a bonus provided by the platform in favor of a user, who, however, can withdraw this credit within certain betting conditions, also called Rollover.

Basically, the winnings are added to the fun bonus and, only when the wagering terms are met, the fun bonus becomes a real bonus.

No Deposit Bonus for New Players

No deposit bonuses are particularly interesting for new players, even more than welcome ones, and their presence often directs players to a specific website where to register.

Obtaining these advantages is not complex and everyone can do it, taking advantage of the current marketing laws, according to which gambling halls use promotions to attract new users. The higher the bonus amount, offered for free by the casino site, the more this can push the player to register on that one, preferring it to many others.

The sector is competitive and also for this reason the different sites compete for old and new users through promotions that turn out to be, with the passing of the days more and more tempting.

The bonuses can give excellent feedback to the platforms, this strategy is consolidated and the presence of offers and promotions is among the requirements that more than others entice new users from the first visit, to register.

The offer of different platforms is wide and in continuous and rapid evolution, those who remain faithful to the chosen site, playing over time, accumulate points over the days and can become a VIP. Privileged users can have access to favorable conditions, free spins on slots and even promos dedicated to them, faster payment times, and less stringent wagering requirements.

In short, not all players are the same in the eyes of online platforms and this also determines the criteria they use to reward the most loyal ones over time


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