Live Blackjack

There is a special allure of playing Black Jack for real against a real dealer. The game becomes more exciting and it’s more fun to withdraw real cash than to note an increase in the cash register at the online casino. The problem with playing Black Jack for real is that you have to go to the pub or Casino Cosmo pol or take a cruise on the Baltic Sea to play. Or, at least that’s how it was until a few years ago. Today you can play Black Jack for real also online, this through the news live Black Jack.

Now you might be a little skeptical. Playing live Black Jack online can’t be the same as playing for real, can it? Ok, so maybe we were stretching the truth a bit, but the fact is that live Black Jack is almost like playing for real. When you open the game client for the live dealer casino at the online casino, you see a game screen where the image is streamed in real-time from a studio. You see a real dealer shuffling the cards, dealing cards, and paying out winnings. The dealer also knows that you have logged in and welcomes you to the table.

As for the game itself, it can be said that live Black Jack is a cross between real Black Jack and the type of Blackjack Online where you play alone against a virtual dealer. You make your best choices and your choices to draw, stay, etc. in a special box on the side of the video image. The dealer sees your choices and follows your instructions in the letter.

If you are still skeptical, we can recommend you try playing live Black Jack. If you find that live online gaming isn’t really to your liking, you’ve at least tried it. However, if you appreciate this news, you will have many fun moments in front of the computer in the future.

If you are interested in starting to play blackjack, you have several options. You can play blackjack in the pub, at one of the state casinos in Sweden, on a Finland ferry, or online. If you want to get started right away, casino blackjack is of course the best choice. It only takes a minute to create a gaming account at an online casino. Another big advantage of online casinos is that you can try playing blackjack with pretend money. We can recommend that you start playing blackjack with pretend money. It is good if you have a good grasp of the rules before you start playing with your own money. Finding an online casino for blackjack is quite easy. You have hundreds of casino sites to choose from. Also, most casino sites offer the same range of blackjack variants, so it doesn’t matter which site you choose when it comes to this aspect.

However, it may be an idea to examine some other factors before choosing a specific casino site. You can advantageously investigate how the support works (for example, whether you can get help from Swedish-speaking support staff) and which deposit and withdrawal methods are offered. Another thing to look into is which casino bonuses you can take advantage of. Most casino sites have relatively lucrative bonuses of various kinds. For example, you can receive a lump sum bonus on your first deposit. Another type of bonus is the welcome bonus which simply means that you get a small coin to play for just by becoming a member of a certain casino site.

If you want to try playing blackjack in a variant that is as similar to reality as possible, you should look out for online casinos that offer so-called “live casinos”. With live casino, you play blackjack online via video link. You see the dealer live on your computer screen in real-time and can chat with both the dealer and the other players around the table.


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