Live Blackjack Tournaments

Casino Europa live blackjack tournaments will be offered starting in March. These exciting blackjack tournaments are structured very similar to a poker tournament and will become a favorite of skilled blackjack players worldwide. Standard blackjack rules apply with these exceptions:

– Buy-ins will consist of a prize pool amount and a house fee. For example, in a $50 +$7 buy-in, the $50 goes towards prize pool and $7 goes to the house participation fee.

– Players will receive 1,500 tournament chips. No rebuys.

– Our blackjack tournaments are four-table tournaments, with seven players per table.

– Cards will be dealt from a six-deck shoe.

– Cut card will be placed 5 ½ decks in. This will leave ½ of the deck that will not be dealt before the shuffle.

– We don’t have an issue if you count cards.

– Any pair dealt as first two cards can be split unlimited number of times and double downs allowed after splitting on any cards, even aces.

– There is a special payoff of 2 to 1 paid on suited blackjacks.

– Early surrender is offered. This means you may surrender on any two cards BEFORE dealer is dealt his second hole card.

– Unless otherwise advised, the length and structure of the blackjack tournaments is as follows:

1) Total of 100 hands will be dealt to determine winners.

2) Min/max bet sizes will be 5 to 500 for the first 50 hands.

3) Min/max bet sizes will be 25 to 500 for the next 25 hands.

4) Min/max bet sizes will be 100 to 1000 for the final 25 hands.

5) A 5-minute break will occur after first 50 hands. (or after every 50 hands in event of longer tourneys)

6) Once a player is out of chips he is knocked out of the tournament. If two players go out on the same number hand, then the player who had the most chips going into the hand will be placed above the other player who started the hand with less chips.

7) Tourney players must play every hand, and cannot sit out. If a player attempts to sit out by not acting in time or is disconnected his hand will stand on his first two cards with the bet he placed, the software will place a minimum bet for the player and stand on first two cards. The hands will be played as such until he either has no chips or he returns to play.


The top three players entered will receive cash prizes divided from the prize pool. The division of the prize pool shall be 50% to first place, 30% to second place and 20% to third place.

Casinos Europa’s live blackjack tournaments are a unique event for our players. Our gaming consultants have specially developed them for our players. While most of our live blackjack tournaments award cash prize payouts, we will also be offering satellites to play in an international blackjack tournament here on a cruise ship on dates to be announced with all expenses paid. Whether you win a cash tournament or a satellite to play here in the big one, we hope you will enjoy our new tournaments and tell all your friends.

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