Keno Strategy

Keno Strategy

There should not be many out there who have not played a Movie even for once!  That victory, that is, is not judged by systems. This view is valid, as is the case with all gambling. But if we look at the players who often win, we will see that they tend to follow some systems that can offer extra help. And to be more specific, they have a strategy.

Keno Live Strategy

In addition to the special systems that we will encounter below, we will first mention the strategies followed mainly by players in Online Keno. We will analyze each of them and see if they really work for keno live.

Initially, we encounter consecutive keno draws, with players holding the same numbers for more than one draw. The move to constantly bet on one or two numbers is not the best possible. Keep in mind that the chances of them coming out are minimal, since from 80 numbers at a time 20 will emerge. It is not something we would suggest to you.

Let us mention here another myth, which, however, seems to be widespread. There are players who watch the previous draws and keep notes of the numbers that come out. This is because they believe that they will not reappear in the next live keno draw. It’s not a step worth following, simply because it has no basis. If a number appears in a keno draw it means absolutely nothing for the next ones. It is purely a matter of luck whether it will reappear. Statistically, the chances of a number that you have seen coming out again are the same as someone who has not been drawn.

The exact opposite phenomenon has been recorded. Some people choose the numbers that came out, considering that the system somehow “prefers” them. Some may even bet on consecutive numbers, for example, 24 and 25, or some with a common digit, e.g. at 16, 26, and 36. Again we have to say that every live keno draw is independent. It is not influenced by the previous ones, nor do the numbers have anything to do with each other. Thus, it makes absolutely no sense to give weight to such theories.

You’ve probably heard of some gaming systems, such as Martingale. Simply put, this strategy says that when you lose you have to double your bet in the next round. In other cases, gambling may work, but it can not be successfully applied to keno draws. What really counts and is worth saying once again is to keep the limits you have set on your money. It’s infinitely more important to win along the way.


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