Keno Rules

Why do we say that keno is so easy to play? Well if you think of keno as being like the state lottery that gets drawn a dozen times or more each day, then you already know how to play keno!

There are differences and that is Keno has numbers ranging from 1 – 80 and 20 numbers are drawn for each Keno game. You have the choice to select or cross up to 10-15 numbers per game (depending on which casino you play at). After you have selected your numbers you decide how much you want to wager. As an example, if you cross off 10 numbers and decide to bet $1 for that game. Below is the payout table for that bet. Naturally the more you wager the bigger the prize money if you win keno!

At the casino, the numbers are drawn from a big just like the lottery, and the numbers are displayed on screens located all over the casino so that you can check your tickets while having your coffee!

You can pick up your keno slips from almost anywhere in the casino, some places even have keno attendants who walk around calling keno keno keno! You can grab tickets off them while playing roulette!

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