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Introducing Casino Crib Slots. Casino Crib slots are user friendly, with engaging 3D graphics, and realistic sound effects that provide a true Las Vegas experience. Players can choose betting amounts from $0.25 to $5, and depending on the bet can win Casino Crib pots of up to 5000 times the original wager. Please refer to the payout chart for the further information.

How to Play

1. After selecting a game machine, the player can set the minimum betting amount. Casino slots can be set for $0.25, $1, and $5 play.

2. The player must insert at least the minimum bet amount to play.

3. Bets can be increased by pressing the “1 Bet” button. The “Max bet” button will bet the maximum amount, and the slot machine will automatically begin play. If betting an amount less than the maximum, the player must press the “Start” button to initiate play. The “Re-bet” button can be used to easily bet the amount previously wag4ered.

4. T he slot wheels spin independently. If the wheels come to a stop and the picture combinations displayed along the pay line match a winning combination, the player will win the corresponding amount. Win tables and payouts are displayed at the top of the slot machine.

5 The “Pay out” button can be used to retrieve all winnings and un-played coins.

6. If the player wants to exit the game, he must cash out by pressing the “Pay out” button.

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