Craps Table Etiquette

Taking a place at the craps table in a busy casino can be somewhat unnerving, especially for new players. Bettors play a very active role in a craps game, more so than other casino favorites, primarily because the players take turns filling the role of shooter – or the person that rolls the dice. There are several regulations regarding the dice and the way they’re handled so brush up on the latest craps table etiquette first.

Handling the Dice

The most common mistake among new players is changing the dice from one hand to the other. The shooter must keep the dice in a single hand and cannot move past the edge of the craps table while the dice are in their hand. Throwing the dice is an art in itself. It must be a toss; the dice are not permitted to slide across the table and they must not be above eye level. To be considered a valid throw, the dice must hit the rim of the opposite side of the table. More importantly, the craps dice can never hit the floor. If the dice fall from the table, they must be inspected before the game continues.

Gameplay Etiquette

The craps table has its own set of unspoken rules, as well as its own unique language. Understanding all of the terms and nuances of the game will take a bit of time at the table, but there are a few that should always be remembered. Most importantly, saying ‘seven’ out loud during gameplay is a big no-no. Once the come out roll is tossed, it is said to be bad luck for anyone to speak the number. Changing dice in the middle of a throw is also a bad omen for players. Remember to place your bets before the dice leave the table. While late bets may be permitted, they typically offend other players.

The excitement and continuous action involved in the game of craps provides hours of entertainment, for players as well as onlookers. Take the time to perfect your game online before trying your luck at a live craps table and remember the tips above so that everyone has fun.

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