Casino Game Roulette

One of the best Roulette variants to play over at our leading online casino that is Win Palace Casino is the very popular game called European Roulette. You have various different betting opportunities available to you on this game and you place your chips simply by pointing and clicking your mouse when and where you want these wagers to be.

Next by clicking the Spin button you will start a game of roulette and this is done by setting the wheel in motion and spinning the ball onto the wheel. It is worth pointing out that the Spin button will only work if you have placed a wager on the table.

You are free to place a wager on any part of the table layout and these wagering positions and payouts are listed below.

The Chip buttons allows you to adjust the size of your chips and should you are using a chip size of $1 then each mouse click will only add or remove $1 from the current pile of chips that you have placed on to the roulette table.

There is also a Rebet button and this allows you to Spin once again but with the previous games chip amount having been replaced from you credit meter onto the table for you automatically. The Clear button simply takes all of your placed chips and removes them all from the roulette table.

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