Casino app Vs. Mobile casino: what are we talking about?

Casino app Vs. Mobile casino: what are we talking about?

Today, any good self-respecting online casino must offer its players the possibility of playing on a mobile interface. For this, each operator has two options: offer a native mobile application or offer a mobile version of the website. We will see the difference between these two solutions, each of which has its advantages.

Playing at the casino from a mobile application: also called “native application”, these are simply the applications that you download on your smartphone or tablet from the Apple Store and Google Play Store- depending on the model of your device. Specially designed for mobile players, these mobile online casinos are extremely efficient and offer a gaming experience comparable to that which you can experience from your so-called “desktop” online casino. On this type of mobile casino, everything is thought out and optimized so that the features of the latter are as reliable, practical, fun… and lucrative as a traditional gaming site. On the downside? A handful of Canadian establishments offer this type of casino application, only downloadable on devices with iOS and Android operating systems – in the majority of cases.

Playing at the casino on a mobile site: without the need to download an application, all you have to do is connect – via your browser – to the mobile-compatible online casino. As you usually do from your computer, you will need to enter your username and password and thus be able to access all the features of the operator. Accessible via all operating systems (Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry, etc.) unlike mobile applications, the web application is a solution offered by the vast majority of online casinos on the Canadian market. This great availability – and ease of use – nevertheless hides certain flaws, which nevertheless try to disappear over time: restricted functionalities and recurring malfunctions on interfaces that are less optimized than a mobile application.

If you do not want to download an application and prefer to play directly via the mobile site, we advise you to choose a casino that offers an optimized version of its games. We have a preference for the Casumo operator, which regularly updates its mobile version in order to offer you a multitude of games. Check our  Casumo casino review if you want to explore the offers of this operator.


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