Card Stud Poker

The Idea behind Stud Poker Games is that some of your cards will be dealt facing down, while you are the only one who is allowed to see them, and the rest of the cards will be faced up on the poker table. The two most common Stud poker variations are the Seven Card Stud and the Five Card Stud.

Seven card stud – The game is usually played with 3 to 5 players. The dealer deals two cards facing down to each of the poker players, followed by four cards which are dealt face up (again, to each of the players), then followed by the seventh card for each player which is faced down.

Basically, the player now has four cards that are visible to the rest of the players, and three cards that only he can see. The way the cards are dealt brings a little twist to the game.
Poker Game is without a doubt a game of Psychology and strategy, and this goes along with Seven Card Stud poker. The other players can see at any given moment how close you are to having a straight or a flush, or any other winning combination. Showed in this example as a disadvantage, it can surely become one of the game’s largest advantages as well!

A poker hand has only 5 cards. The difference in seven card studs is that each player takes the best five cards out of the seven cards available. The player takes all seven cards and can then choose which five cards to keep.

Five card stud – Five Card stud has the same set of rules, Though played without “Extra” cards. the player doesn’t have the option to change between cards to make the best poker hand. The round begins when only one card is dealt facing down, followed by four cards facing up. Although some poker dealers play it differently. someplace two cards facing down and three faced up, or other variations.

The common way that the dealer deals the cards is to first place the face-down card to each of the players, followed by one faced-up card at a time. after each round of cards, there is a betting round. That way, you can place more bets, higher or lower, at each round of cards. Until you have 5 cards in front of you. four of them visible to others, and one hidden for your eyes only. The betting round starts with the poker player who has the best poker hand on the four visible cards.

Again, Those poker variations are very identical, and the only real difference between them is the total number of poker cards that are being dealt to the players.


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