An Intro to Ken Us ton and other Blackjack Players

Uston liked the idea but found that the original configuration was somewhat bulky and needed a few changes. He was amazed at the fact that the program that Taft developed was not a method of cheating, only an aid in assessing the odds. However, in the casinos, all things are frowned upon, even pocket calculators. However, once the changes were made, then Uston was ready for the first test. He went with George, the code name for the contraption, and began to play at the low minimum blackjack tables. The winnings were small since the bets were small, but it had been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that George would work.

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Very soon, Ken Uston began to collect players, and people for his teams of players. From just the two of them, they became four, then eight people, and finally sixteen. Apartments in and around Las Vegas were transformed into “blackjack boot camps” where players and computer operators were trained to use the implements and to handle any situation that might arise during the blackjack game.

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Ken Uston’s Card Counting Team

Soon Ken Uston and his team were earning thousands upon thousands of dollars each night in the casinos. It seemed there was no limit to the amounts that they could win. At first, the casinos loved their players, whom they perceived at first as money-spending suckers who would lose all their money. However, in time, when the pit bosses began to notice that things were not right, Ken Uston and his team moved to Lake Tahoe, where came their ruination.

Blackjack Boot Camps

Uston sent his teams to the casinos armed with money, in order to make thousand-dollar bets. All at once, the pit bosses came upon them, stripped them of their equipment, and put them in jail. When the local police did not know what to make of the computers, they had them sent to the FBI. The FBI returned the machines and said that it was not indeed a cheating device at all. However, that did not help Ken Uston who received threats on his life and died soon after from a mixture of drugs, alcohol, and an unhealthy lifestyle.


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