Bingo in Brief

There are many online bingo rooms that exist on the internet and many of them give the option to pay with money or to only play by diversion. First that there is to make to play bingo in the network it is to register itself in a room in particular after having verified the credentials of this one to play with the confidence of which if desired you will acquire your prize. Soon to buy some cardboard for bingo. Whatever you buy majors more will be the possibilities of winning, but you must have well-taken care of not playing with more cardboards than you can handle.

Thus you will avoid losing money. In a real room of online bingo, there is a person in charge to be singing the numbers, but a room of bingo in line has software that is in charge to do it. The numbers that are leaving can be checked in aboard so that if a number escapes to you there you will be able to locate it. Also, the possibility of choosing what exists in the game automatically dials the numbers in your cardboard as they are leaving, this way you will be able to play simultaneously with several cardboards increasing the possibilities of winning. Two types of bingo online exist, the “Straight Bingo” and the “Point Bingo”.

At first, the players must form horizontal, and vertical sequences or diagonals of numbers. In the case of Point Bingo, the players compete to complete a sequence with the maximum of points. The points appear in a corner underneath the numbers of cardboard of bingo. The players must complete a complete row of five numbers to be able to sing bingo. The first player who secures 1000 points is the winner. It is good for being abreast of certain combinations that grant points extra.

The sequences that cross the picture in target located in means of the cardboard of bingo or those that they are formed by two rows, give double points. The player who does bingo with two rows in two-way traffic does bingo double obtaining a total of points that adds the two rows more one hundred additional points and in case of completing a sequence which it crosses the picture in the central target also obtains the additional double of points and 100 points. In case there is a tie between two players bingo double has priority in front of bingo central. The game of Bingo has a number of myths to its side, the majority of these myths do not have really any base or foundation


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