Why the appearance of mobile casinos?

Why the appearance of mobile casinos?

Originally, the online casino was born to answer the urgent calls of players tired of having to move against winds and tides to go about their favorite activity in terrestrial infrastructures. Indeed, what could be more relaxing than playing at the casino without leaving the cozy comfort of your home and without having to be dressed to the nines? Following the democratization of the Internet, casinos in Canada thus became part of the daily lives of players, more and more of them indulging in the joys of gambling on the Internet.

Then, other societal changes appeared, disrupting the habits of players, and more broadly of consumers: the need for mobility. A simple observation? Many people take public transport to make their daily journeys and take the opportunity to tap the screen of their mobile device while waiting to arrive at their destination… 

Casino game publishers fully took measure of the phenomenon and did not take long to develop software specifically adapted to the mobile format to capture an ever-widening segment of the population. This technological innovation is also the business of those who have swapped their computer for a touchpad. 

Mobile gaming sites today? A real necessity

Today, more and more online casinos, online poker, or sports betting operators are offering their customers’ compatible software on mobile devices, fully aware of the interest in developing this niche. 

Can we talk about an option? More really in the face of the exponential demand for increasingly mobile players. Today, it’s more of an “obligation”: some independent studies conducted on representative samples of society tend to show that the time Canadians devote to gaming on a mobile device is constantly increasing: between 80 minutes and 2 hours a day. So you understand why we are referring to the term “obligation” and no longer “option” in the face of this observation.

We must still notify an important point: this new way of playing took some time to establish itself perfectly on the side of operators and suppliers. A few years ago, the casino games available on mobile version sported very poor graphics as well as poor quality sound effects (especially on first-generation devices) offering a much less pleasant gaming experience than in an online casino. traditional. But today, things have indeed changed: both mobile device designers and software developers have worked hard to remedy these aesthetic and technical problems through carefully programmed applications


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