Alternative Systems and Strategies

Alternative Systems and Strategies

You may have come across some additional famous systems in the cinema draws. We have gathered the most popular ones preferred by players below.

Let us emphasize again that when we talk about gambling, success is not guaranteed. The game modes you will see in this article may, under certain circumstances, help a little, not just the winnings. But also in managing your bankroll, which is important to do every time you bet. Always keep in mind that it is good to set limits on your money and stay true to it so that you have a pleasant experience every time. So let’s look at some well-known strategies.

Way Bet: This Keno system is very simple. Since the main advantage given to players is that they can bet on more than 1 set of numbers. For example, you can select two different sets of numbers. More specifically, in the first of them, you bet on five numbers, and in the second on four. In total, that is, in nine numbers. So based on these numbers, you can bet and play by creating different combinations.

King Bet:  This system is quite similar to Way Bet. But there is a key difference. This involves selecting an additional number in addition to the group of numbers you would select.

Split Bet:  In this type, you place two or more bets on the same card. How is this done? You need to define two groups of numbers and be clear about which team goes with which game. In Split, Bet players should not choose the same number in two or more cases (sets). The latter is logical as if this number does not appear, then two tickets will be lost.

Combined Betting:  In this Keno  system players can combine different systems together such as e.g. Way Bet and Split Bet. Hence, therefore, the name of the specific system.

Up / Down), (Right / Left), and Edge Bets:  It would be the most common Keno live system What you are doing, in essence, is splitting your slip into two sides. In the first case, the players split their card and choose between numbers from 1-40 and 41-80, while in the second the card is divided into right and left “hemispheres” with the players choosing numbers either from one or from the other side. In Edge Bets, the player can bet based on the edges of the coupon, where we will find 32 numbers.

In any case, practicing the game helps to get acquainted. You can get comfortable and remember many details accurately. One type of training can be done with free online movies. Many companies now offer free trial games. We suggest you test the game environment there first, before risking your money.


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