Explain About Betting Bonus

Explain About Betting Bonus

The “bonus bets” represent one of the main reasons why it is preferable to choose one betting site over another. To encourage new users, in fact, each online bookmaker studies a series of welcome bonuses that translate into offers and promotions for players.

What are betting bonuses

Each online betting site offers a variety of incentives to new players. Generally, a certain amount of money is offered for free, which is useful for placing the first bets and becoming familiar with the structure and mechanisms of the site.

There are numerous offers available on the net, and for each site, the mechanism for obtaining the bonus must be better understood.

What are the types of betting bonuses?

The betting bonuses that bookmakers offer are of various kinds, aimed both at welcoming new players and at facilitating those already registered. Let’s get to know the main ones.

Welcome Bonus: Also known as the “First Deposit Betting Bonus”, the Welcome Bonus usually consists of the main and most aggressive bonus designed to attract new players. In a nutshell, the bookmaker rewards the new user who opens a game account and makes the first payment by giving him a certain amount of credit for free.

No deposit bonus: there are bookmakers who, upon opening the game account only (without the possible first payment), give a small amount to start betting in a total freeway.

Cashback bonus: some betting sites grant the so-called “cashback”, ie a partial refund of any losing bets.

Multiple bets bonus: many bookmakers offer higher odds on multiple bets as the number of games entered on the ticket increases.

Bonus free bet or free bet: some portals offer players, in some cases, a free bet, obtainable at the end of certain procedures.

How can I get the welcome bonuses?

  • To fully understand the nature of welcome bonuses and how they work, some considerations need to be made.
  • First of all, it must be said that all betting sites, for their welcome bonus, release a percentage of the first deposit as a bonus.
  • Suppose the betting site offers a welcome bonus on the first deposit of 100% up to  200: let’s see how it would work.
  • The first indicator to keep in mind is the amount (in our example,  200) that the betting site promises to give away. Beware of bookmakers who promise very high amounts: the mechanisms for obtaining them can be a bit complicated.
  • In fact, the wagering requirements must be carefully checked. That is, the welcome bonus, to be credited or withdrawn, requires that it be played a certain number of times. Assuming you have obtained a  200 bonus, they may need to be moved a number of times because they can be withdrawn.
  • This mechanism, in the jargon, is called “rollover”, and the lower it is, the cheaper the welcome bonus will be.


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